Snowy Mountains Innovation Network

Growing an entrepreneurial community in the Snowy Mountains of Australia, supporting year-round, globally focussed & sustainable business.

SMIN delivers

startup support
turning ideas into a globally focused business
innovation services
helping solve commercial challenges in business
educational programs
workshops in design thinking & lean innovation

Workshops & Events

Local Challenge Definition Workshop
This workshop defined the key challenges on the Snowy Monaro, click through to get the document and learn more.
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5th March 2019 - Solutions Hackathon
This workshop is for those looking to create something new, possibly a new product in your existing business, or a completely new business.
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12th March 2019 - Design Thinking & New Business Creation
This workshop is for anyone looking to develop a new business or product, change their existing business or add a new skill.
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26th March 2019 - Lean Innovation
The Lean Innovation Bootcamp provides the right tools to participants to help them innovate cheaply and efficiently and to develop the minds
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4th May 2019 - The Pitch
Pitch is an exciting afternoon of 5 minute presentations from business people building something new.
The Pitch



SMIN provide invaluable advice and support for new and existing business owners in the Snowy Monaro Region, assisting with everything from basic business management through to new product development and innovation.

I am very excited for the positive outcomes they will help our business community achieve in the next 5 years.

Sarah Blyton
Economic Development Officer - Snowy Monaro Regional Council
Loved learning about the work involved in testing out an idea from it's embyonic state to its 'birth'!
Design Thinking Participant
March 2019
I loved the prototyping using the info we learned, and making something for the user to test
Design Thinking Participant
March 2019
Thanks for the energy and generous sharing of knowledge Zac, Michael, Thor & Duncan!
Design Thinking Participant
March 2019
This workshop increased my confidence/understanding/mindset around starting a new business.
Workshop Participant
March 2019

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