Our co-founder, Duncan Isaksen-Loxton made an appearance on ABC South East Radio Breakfast on November 20th November. Listen to the snippet here, or read the transcript below.

Simon: Well. Have you seen her Excellency the Honorable Margaret Beasley governor of New South Wales in the last couple of days? If you’ve been around the Snowy Mountains this week, there’s a chance you have, maybe you met her. The governor has been to the distillery at Crackenback and was at Cooma Jail. Yesterday she also visited the Jindabyne coworking space, which has been up and running for a few months now. Duncan Isaksen-Loxton is the co-founder of the Snowy Mountains Innovation Network, which runs the co-work space.
G’day Duncan.

Duncan Isaksen-Loxton: Good morning, Simon. How are you?

Simon: Well, thanks. And thank you very much for joining us. Tell us more about the visit from her Excellency the governor, how was that?

Duncan: It was really good actually. We brought a number of local businesses, entrepreneurs, together around the table for a couple of hours to inform her Excellency about innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. We also have a couple of counselors and the JCS central school representative. We talked about what opportunities we have in the region and how our locals are seizing those opportunities and creating business out of them.

Simon: And was the governor pretty hands-on? How interested was she in all of that?

Duncan: Yeah, she was very impressed. She sees the opportunity that we have in the region. We are very connected to our cities and one of our ambitions is to have that connectivity globally as well. So, the two businesses that we did talk about are very globally focused, they have products that, one’s in hospitality and will be able to go around the world. And so, very excited about the potential and how we’re actually going about being proactive in solving these challenges that we have in our region.

Simon: And one thing that is I guess, a tangible results and demonstration of what can happen with innovation is the coworking space there at Jindabyne, at Nuggets Crossing? Tell us how it’s going, how many people are working there at the moment.

Duncan: Yeah, it’s good. Thank you. So, we opened officially in late August and the coworking space is essentially a place where professionals can come and work. And that could be from an hour to full time every day. And the point of a coworking space is obviously to give you some facilities that you can work effectively within, but also meet and network with others, forge partnerships with the people that you might meet and you wouldn’t normally bump into those people in your normal day because typically they’re not your usual customer. And certainly, when you’re sitting in a cafe trying to get some work done, you don’t have that opportunity to chat with them as well.

Simon: Great way to do some networking. You must have a wide variety of different professions working in there?

Duncan: Yeah, that’s right. So I mean, at the moment we’ve got a number of people that call it home and that’s from social media professionals, people who build websites and do digital, trade like that. But we’ve also got a number of remote workers who are in the corporate world living in Jindabyne but still serving the business they work for that’s in the city. So, one’s in banking, for example, another one’s in training for corporates.

Simon: Tell me more about the Snowy Mountains Innovation Network, Duncan, who makes up the network and what would you say your big-picture vision is?

Duncan: So, the big picture for the Snowy Mountains Innovation Network is to be the leading startup incubator for mountain and lake focused businesses in the southern hemisphere. The network itself is made up of a number of individuals and organizations in the region who have a focus on delivering education, mentorship, and supporting people who want to build a sustainable, globally focused business outside of the city.

Simon: Fantastic. So, another step towards making the Snowy Mountains a real business hub, an innovation hub and taking advantage of the digital economy. And Duncan, you’ve got the governor on board. That’s not a bad way to go. Thank you so much.

Duncan: Thank you very much for your time.

Simon: Duncan Isaksen-Loxton there, the co-founder of the Snowy Mountains Innovation Network. It’s 19 away from 9:00, here on ABC Southeast.