Snowy Mountains Innovation Network (SMIN) announces it’s Summer Innovation Series to help local innovators and entrepreneurs solve some of the region’s biggest challenges.

SMIN is committed to a more prosperous and socially harmonious future for the Snowy Mountains region.  A region at the forefront of innovative endeavours and where the community works together to create more higher-value; higher-paid jobs attractive to both locals and people from afar.

SMIN comprises a broad cross-section of local stakeholders who have already made significant progress. Involvement in the highly successful monthly Jindabyne Connect event; and hosting the recent ‘Challenges Workshop’ which set a broad vision for the region, and identified the significant local challenges that now inform our future direction.

Starting in late February we will be hosting a series of workshops designed to progress the region’s innovation agenda.  

Two sessions in February provide more detail about our defined local challenges, and the opportunity to learn about the upcoming workshops. These events will be the seed for ideas that can be grown through the remainder of the series.

We start March with a Solutions Hackathon – a half day of dreaming and thinking, getting amazing ideas out in the open that assist in solving business issues in the region.

Our second session is learning about and applying Design Thinking – a set of tools to help get to the core of the user/customer problem and decide if the idea will work. We will also have a session about New Business Creation.

We move on to the Lean Bootcamp – this helps us build out a business plan, and validate it to ensure that people will actually buy our product idea. If they won’t it helps us alter that product until they do.

We complete the season in April with Pitch Day – For those that develop a validated business idea, come and pitch to our board of local investors and win a place on the Ideas to Impact program at Canberra Innovation Network, plus other great business startup prizes.